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  • Date Published: November 1, 2022
  • Last Edited: November 1, 2022
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A Golden Spot to Hangout

In the center of Bushwick is Gold Sounds, a laid-back bohemian bar with live music and stand-up comedy. Bushwick is the hottest place to eat and drink not just in Brooklyn, but in all of New York City. It’s a place where you’ll find people willing to try something new with what’s already been around.

Gold Sounds bar is where the newest and coolest come to practice their routines before going out to conquer the world. Gold Sounds offer visitors a relaxing vibe to hang out and enjoy a drink with live performances.

Gold Sounds Bar

Outside Gold Sounds bar at 2:30 AM.

A Good Ol’ Time

Gold Sounds Bar has an outdoor shed, a bar, and a separate indoor concert hall. Live music is played every night white stand-up comedy is done on Tuesdays. There is an ample amount of space for people to walk around and enjoy either of the three areas.

Gold Sounds Bar

Outside Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, New York.

I ordered Stella Artois, Brooklyn Lagers, and Kirin beers with Salchipapas.

Drinks are written on the chalkboard behind the bar and food can be found on the menus. Gold Sounds is a place where you’re going to stay for a couple of hours and enjoy yourself. Even the music playlist that you hear at the bar is great (and the bartender is even a singer)! The music ranges from alternative, indie, rock, and classics. Check out a calendar filled with upcoming performances here.

Gold Sounds Bar

Live performances are something I look forward to when going out. The fog and lights set a mood.

Gold Sounds Bar

An empty stage after a night’s performances.

Gold Sounds Bar

I love how there is a crazy amount of art on the concert hall walls. You can imagine the stories of the number of people who have come to leave their mark and make Gold Sounds even more special.

The Friendliest Brotherhood in This Neighborhood

The owner Cenk runs Gold Sounds along with his brother, Volkan. They are two kind-hearted souls that I’ve known for thirty years! I had a great time and I plan on visiting Gold Sounds bar more often. Follow Gold Sounds on Instagram.

Gold Sounds Bar

The two brothers, Volkan and Cenk.

Gold Sounds Bar

Enjoying a Halloween weekend with Cenk and Volkan!

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