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Travel to El Salvador right from home!

The number one Google Chrome extension used in El Salvador is called Walkway. Walkway is a gateway to El Salvador’s greatest and most iconic locations right from your computer screen. 

Experience the tropical paradise of El Salvador through landscape photography. Every time you open a new tab or window on Google Chrome you will see beautiful pictures of El Salvador. 

Images range from the salty air of the beaches, the crisp cool temperatures of the lake, to the comfortable cottages up in the mountains and humble pueblos in the valleys, down into the urban metropolis of San Salvador. 

What is Walkway?

Walkway is the most popular extension made by Salvadorans to help the world see the true beauty of El Salvador. View beautiful pictures of El Salvador every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome. 

Download Walkway for free on the Google Chrome Web Store. Click on the following link to download Walkway for free from your phone, tablet or computer.

Download Walkway

What is the purpose of Walkway?

The media depicts El Salvador as a bad country to visit due to poverty and gang violence. They forget to mention the incredible cultural aspects that make El Salvador one of the greatest countries to live.

El Salvador, located in Central America, is a gem that cannot be described with just words: you must see it for your own eyes! The fantastic pictures shown in Walkway allow users to enjoy El Salvador through the lens of different photographers. 🌎📸

Each photographer provides a glimpse into an awe-inspiring image of the country. Even residents of El Salvador are shocked and overly impressed with the natural treasures and talent our country has to offer. 

Photographers of Walkway

Walkway is a combined effort and love of various national talented Salvadoran artists. Each contributor has traveled to different regions of El Salvador to capture our natural beauty in photographs. 

Walk continues to collaborate alongside talented artists updating new photos and photographers every month. Be sure to check back often to enjoy the new additions.

The photographers that appear in Walkway in alphabetical order are Byron Linares, Dennis Benitez, Diego Martin, Federico Trujillo, Frank Fuentes, Guillermo “Memo” Cárcamo, Guillermo Vaquerano, Gustavo Parada, Javier Diaz, Joe Vaquerano, Josh Aragão, Mónica Torrento, Nadine Masri, Oscar Azúcar, Pablo Gómez, Raúl López, René Roa, Samuel Portillo and Walk.

Visit each of the social media accounts to continue viewing their amazing work and give them a follow. Support your local artists! ❤️💕

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Download Walkway

Walkway features

You can personalize your experience by customizing the display settings. 

Users can choose between four types of interfaces: Minimal, Standard, Full, or Customize. Choose what elements will appear on screen like the names of photographers or locations, the time, and the search bar.

You can further personalize Walkway by selecting which images you’d like to appear.

  • ★ Over +200 images available and updated periodically
  • ★ A settings menu for easy navigation and personalization
  • Display: Customize the Walkway interface to personalize your experience.
  • Album: Users can view every image available on Walkway.

Visit the official Walk website

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Articles that report the latest news of El Salvador are available 24/7 by clicking on the Walk logo on the top left corner of Walkway. Professionals such as Alejandra Melara Novoa and Eduardo Ota discuss themes ranging from marketing, remote work, video games, movies, travel, relationships, and more!

Walkway questions and suggestions

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We love to hear from our customers and help them enjoy our products and service offering only the highest quality possible. 

 FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Walkway is always looking to include new photographers. If you are interested in joining please send us a message to our Instagram, Facebook, or Contact page

Closing thoughts

I hope that you’re all doing well and being safe. Spend time with your loved ones and be thankful for all that you have. I know we’re living in trying times right now because of the Coronavirus, but we’ll get through this together. Remember to stay inside and wash your hands! 🧼💕

Download Walk’s extension for Google Chrome

Walkway is a free extension for Google Chrome. Enjoy photographs of El Salvador, taken by national photographers, every time you open a new tab. Walkway is perfect for locals, any Salvadoran living abroad, and people in love with El Salvador.

Download Walkway

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