Unhealthy Friendships

  • Date Published: July 21, 2019
  • Last Edited: June 14, 2020
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Signs on how to identify bad friends

We all have good and unhealthy friendships. Time moves on and while some people change, many others do not. Your friends may be blowing in the wind while you’re interested in focusing on your professional life and entrepreneurship. These same people that you’ve come to know and love may be the ones slowing you down. The following are a few examples to help to identify unhealthy types of friends and the best methods of continuing your relationship.

1. Friends who only drink

It’s great to see you! It’s been so long! Let’s have a beer, man! Tell me how you’ve been, where you’ve gone, who you’ve seen, and what you’ve done! We talk for hours, it’s been great, it’s been quite fun but now HONESTLY I got things to do! Lots of errands to run. I’d love to stay and drink a few more but now things with you are a bore. 

They still act like a kid because they’re still doing the same stuff in high school! Since graduating you’ve matured since the previous life wasn’t going to last forever. You’re still friends but the conversations aren’t the same. Even when with a friend I’m still thinking about what I get to do when I return to work on Monday. All the while my friends are talking about getting “fucked up” and finding pussy.

Two or three beers is enough to call it a night and that’s it but there are just too many people who keep drinking one six-pack after the other. It’s not even my body but I worry about these people. They’re damaging their body and one day their organs are going to suffer by sending them a large check to pay.

It’s nice to have a drink and talk about our lives to reminisce about our memories but can’t we make better ones without having to drink the night away and looking for the opposite sex? I just want to have a nice night out and eat something delicious. We all need a nice quiet game night instead of visiting discotheques and strip clubs. People just end up fighting, yelling, and causing too many problems that I don’t need with alcohol.

People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that it knows how to swim.

2. Friends who still lie and cheat

If there was ever an acceptable time to misbehave or mistreat people it was in high school and college. After a while, all the old tricks become just as stale as the person’s personality who continues to do so. There are just so many friends who haven’t decided to mature. They’ve regressed and still have the attitude of a child. 

They say that they’re going to get serious once they get married but the truth is they need to start being serious right now! If they can’t take seriously the person that they say, love, how will you be able to take seriously your friends? I have no consideration for another person’s life when they stab the back of the person they say they most “love”.

Even if they say they’re in a “serious” relationship, all they want to do is seize another opportunity to be unfaithful to the person that loves them. They want to have everything and will go to great lengths trying to manage to have a double life but will fail in the intent because they’re lustful will be their downfall.

And truth be told: I don’t want to hang around people who treat others with disrespect. Sticking around with the same crowd who don’t help your internal development is a complete waste of time. Detach yourself from toxic relationships so you don’t have to witness how they mistreat others. It’s very unsavory and they should be ashamed of themselves but they’ll never admit the truth because they’re that pathetic.

I’m not saying you’re a bad friend, you’re just not a good one for me.

3. Friends who belittle

There are some people who just like to look down upon others’ beliefs, materialistic possessions, jobs, and even their own houses or cars. There’s a point where you cannot tolerate uneducated people. 

We need to accept other people’s cultures and lifestyles even though they may be foreign to us. Your mentality and way of living are not greater than anyone else’s and neither is it incorrect. You are free to live however you want to live and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. We shouldn’t change others not can we criticize them for being human because that is inhumane.

But it’s so strange that people would rather talk about sex at parties than religion. There is a time and place for everything but spirituality and one’s belief should usually be part of one’s conversation. We must discuss our reality and our existence more often and never forget to thank the universe God has created for us.

People even get bothered by mentioning his name and saying he’s my best friend too. Why do others consider it strange behavior to talk to appreciate my existence by thanking whoever it is that is really out there. Regardless, even if I do believe in Jesus Christ, I believe there is a higher being who has created all of this for us and we must be thankful every day to open our eyes and breathe fresh air. 

All the leisures of life that we may sometimes take for granted; I’m just thankful for living in the moment, in the present, in the here and now. That is what I’m thankful for. No one really needs to argue or say anything negative to someone who just wants to love others and gives them positive messages to live by.

4. Non-supportive friends

Sometimes we have great things happen to us and we feel proud of our accomplishments. When we share those moments with certain people they might just tell you that you could’ve done better or what they didn’t like about it instead of just giving positive feedback.

Yet they themselves aren’t really moving forward with their life. They’re just stuck in a rut but have the audacity to point their fingers saying you’re heading nowhere. All they have in their hearts are hate and jealousy. They act as if your success represents their failure.

With no other way to express themselves, they make people feel bad so they feel good from the pain of another. It’s important to find positive people who are willing to share their love and life with you should not be taken for granted.

It’s always nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they’re not around.

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