How to Notice True Colors

  • Date Published: 12/10/2020
  • Last Edited: 12/12/2020
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People show their true colors unintentionally. Pay attention.

One of the most challenging situations in life we all face is creating long-lasting relationships with honest and educated people. Once, twice, or maybe even multiple times, we find ourselves noticing the true colors of people with who we thought were our best friends. Healthy conflict is a positive way to learn about each other, even if you end up agreeing to disagree. 

The majority of people are prone to avoid conflict because, in many ways, humans build strong negative emotions during an argument. We tend to associate the term fighting as a negative aspect of life. However, in many cultures, showing deep passion strengthens the feelings of trust between each partner. Your levels of intimacy will increase, allowing you to learn about each other’s boundaries. 

For some, arguing can bring two individuals even closer together. Avoiding conflict is not healthy; understanding how to fight appropriately is vital. People who don’t engage in healthy conflict end up creating an amicable relationship, one without serious disagreement in hopes of maintaining peace. 

It is during these precise moments that we are given a glimpse into the personality of the individual. People can become so toxic that they can cause a lot of damage to your life (and it’s not worth the needless aggravation). All of a sudden, the people you’ve known and loved for years can change dramatically and begin to treat you differently. Once people show you a side of them that was never seen before, it permanently jeopardizes your relationship.

“What is done cannot be undone.” – William Shakespeare

The same people that you love may later regret their actions once a line is crossed. Usually, drama ensues once their true colors have appeared. Maybe all of this could’ve been avoided if you would’ve paid attention to the signs God left you?

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself down by saying, “Why didn’t I notice this sooner?”. It happens to the best of us. You’re living to learn about life. Accept the experience you’ve had to deal with and remember: The reward is in the journey! To help you prevent yourself from engaging in unhealthy relationships, here are essentials clues on how to notice true colors.


Inability to Communicate or Express Feelings

Have you ever met someone who says the following? 

“I’m just not like that.” Does this person have some disability that doesn’t permit them to communicate like a fully developed human to converse with? If not, it’s just an adult that still hasn’t fully matured. This select individual would instead build walls up than put any effort into changing their negative aspects.

Are you the type of person who thinks, “Why should the person change?” because if none of us ever changed, we’d never see progress in society. As the person’s partner, it is YOUR responsibility to make the person understand what they’re doing is incorrect. When you choose to stand by and do nothing, you are, without a doubt doing something. If they decide not to change, then you move on, you’re not their parent; don’t confuse yourself.

“It’s really difficult for me.” No, you know what the problem is? Their attitude! No one in this world will ever accomplish anything if they go around saying that about everything difficult. No one would ever change, and things would never be solved. Those people are making a childish excuse, and you should instead be discussing it with an adult.

Distance and losing touch

You will know if someone wants to be there in your life because they will find a way without any excuse. They have the disposition lives to involve themselves more in your private circle.

Be empathetic with other’s life as they may be involved with academics, work, and other responsibilities that can create distance. They could be going through a difficult transition while juggling their life with both hands. They need your support more than ever, but no matter what the distance, the people we love, and those who love us will communicate.

I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you.

The type of person who loses communication is what you need to be wary of. Days and weeks go by without even a “Hello,” ultimately cutting the conversation as if you were not to exist.

Some people use the excuse of having a new job or being “too busy” with studying, but they are seeing someone else. They are showing true colors by abusing your respect and not responding for hours after you have written to them. They don’t have the decency or courage to discuss feelings, and so the individual decides to walk away without saying a word, expecting you to continue your life.


Stress is something often overlooked, but it’s real and can have a significant impact on your life. You’re not a cold-hearted person by removing someone if their lifestyle causes stress.

Some people have terrible luck, or it appears that many bad things happen to them often. Since you’re in their life, they may seek to count on your participation in their unique situations. If you do not feel comfortable dealing or associating yourself with the lives of others and their endeavors, walk away. 

If someone gets involved in problems frequently, then it’s not a stupid decision to think about your benefit. Humans are magnets; we attract energy with our words, actions, with what we see, and with what we think and feel. This energy can either be positive or negative, but it affects our health and will show.

true colors

You need to continue to search for people that bring value to life. Find humans that uplift you instead of weighing you down.

You must rebuild. You are not destroyed but merely damaged, gather your parts and data to re-assemble yourself in a more excellent image.

Continue to walk

Life has its ways to show us what we need to see to be able to open our eyes. Life gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier, but you gotta live every day. That’s the hard part, but it does get easier.

Protect yourself from the evil-hearted people who walk among us. The people who love you have the potential to harm you. By perceiving the true colors of other people beforehand, you’ll be less likely to deal with unsavory experiences in the future.

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