How to Get Out of a Manipulative Relationship

  • Date Published: June 2, 219
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It’s time to stop being with toxic people

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve put more than your fair share in trying to maintain a relationship while receiving lies and pain in return? That’s called being in a manipulative relationship, and it’s anything but healthy.

So thank God it’s over, but now what? Or are you still unsure if it was them or you? Ok, let’s take a few steps back and analyze some obstacles that may or may not have encountered to have solid confirmation. Wait, what the fuck is it? ‘ve you been overthinking too much? Trust me; your overthinking is going to save you when you don’t know what the fuck is a manipulative relationship. 

1. Hiding the phone, changing passwords, and blocked accounts.

People don’t want you to see what they’re doing if you’re blocked. If someone’s profile is already in private, then why would they go through the extra effort to prevent you? Manipulators will always try to cover up their tracks. They still expect to receive all the benefits from a committed relationship and yet they don’t want to get caught doing something they’re not supposed to do.

You should be able to have the trust and confidence to know your partner’s password and be able to see who they are talking to. You have your life and theirs, but you should always share who you’re talking to for simple communication. It’s recommended to delete the person from your social networks as they might have the tendency to upload stories of them going out with other people and with the opposite sex – do yourself a favor and block it from your life. You’ve done so much, and this is how they repay you? You’re going to make them regret ever leaving you, but promise yourself won’t ever take them back.

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.

2. They blame everything on you and are suspicious of your behavior.

Manipulators will continue to hide behind lies they create with excuses like, “He/She is just my best friend,” “They have a boyfriend/girlfriend,” “He/She is my coworker,” “He/She is my boss,” or “They’re married.” If you already feel uncomfortable and don’t trust the person you see, then leave as soon as possible. It’s easy said than done. Still, it doesn’t matter what that other person is doing – this is a clear example of them cheating on you and using the truth as an excuse to hide the fact that they’d never do something as heinous during a committed relationship.

WAKE UP! They’re lying to you and hiding in plain sight! Manipulative people blame others for making them seem like the victim and the “misunderstood” person in the manipulative relationship when they’re the abuser trying to turn things around until they make you say “I’m sorry” to them!

Often the villain plays the victim so well.

manipulative relationship

3. Manipulators are comfortable and don’t give back.

If you see someone who has decided to lope around day in and day and doesn’t like planning on experimenting new things or buying a simple $1 flower only means they are indifferent. Did they ever tell you that they’re going nowhere if they stay with you? Some people dare to say to you that you don’t have a future and that your passion/job is meaningless. There are a lot of ill-educated people who think they rule the world. 

You know what: They’re right. You have to move on and live a much better life as they were keeping you from moving on. They said you’re not going anywhere, and the truth is you will never go anywhere with someone who keeps you from developing yourself. A manipulative relationship will stunt your personal growth, so thank them for being stupid enough not to see the bigger picture as you can now! Do you understand me? You will move on and succeed in life without them.

It’s so lovely when manipulative people stop talking to you. It’s like the trash took itself out.

4. They’re not interested in sex anymore.

This is probably the primary indicator that someone else is now their priority. It doesn’t help to imagine them with another person sucking face, getting bent, receiving attention, and being invited out to have sex with someone they barely know. You’re going to feel sick to your stomach like emotionally you want to throw up as now you have no idea where they’ve been. People will ruin years of trust all in a fraction of a second because they are insecure, immature, and uneducated. Don’t ever stick around to have them look at you as a clueless idiot.

Can you count all the excuses they said to spend less time with you? You must hate them so much because they left you for someone else. What right do they have to disrespect you like that? None, whatsoever. If you’re unlucky enough to see them together, it’s going to hurt, but can you do absolutely nothing.

5. You’re not considered a priority.

Your whole world used to revolve around them, but what are you so scared of now? Are you afraid of not being with an anchor that pulls you down or frightened that of not being told you’ll never be anything, of not receiving attention, of not being gifted a bar of pure chocolate from the gas station? Are you afraid of not knowing when they will leave you because you’re so insecure about the relationship? It’s another weight lifted from your shoulder! Thank God you don’t have to continue worrying about all of that.

Love can blind people to the point where they refuse to look at the negative of the person they are in love with. Sometimes people are not actually in love but only with the idea of being loved. Leave that trash behind and move on to find your own happiness. Aren’t you fed up with concerning yourself with someone who never cared and didn’t twice about fulfilling your life? You don’t need to be surrounded by a person’s negative energy.

You have a lot of people who love you, and it’s going to be hard imaging that you’ve been with a person for so long, and now you won’t acknowledge the existence of each other. Even though it feels like a loss, they don’t feel like they’ve lost anything. Why do you get to feel so miserable, and they get to be happy partying and probably with someone else the same night you broke up? You are a priority, and if they were not destined for you, than someone else is.

I usually give people more chances than they deserve, but once I’m done, I’m done.

manipulative relationship

We all feel lost sometimes, and it’s because your heart and mind are not in alignment. When they work together in harmony, you will find inner peace. 🛶🐯🦈🐢

It’s going to be a long recovery, but during this time, work on yourself.

Let them go and find the strength to concentrate on yourself. Take advantage and overcome another obstacle in life as you’ve now been presented with an excellent opportunity! Stop wondering who they left you for as it’s probably just another nobody. You never deserved someone who treated you as less than nothing. Don’t involve anyone else, and don’t make it bigger than it is right now. You’ve always been on the right path, but you deviated only to get back on track!

You don’t need to cry for someone who doesn’t care how many tears you shed. You may cry for weeks, but you need time to heal, pray, breathe, spend quality time with your family and friends. What you need is comfort and support right now, and I’m sorry that all I can give you is advice through a screen on how to continue walking through life. It’s not your fault they didn’t mature. 

Never let someone who contributes so little to a relationship control so much of it.

Once people cross a line, there is no turning back. They disrespected you, lied to you, and have been doing things behind your back. There’s little to no chance of being able to repair it once the trust has been ruined. You may have your defects, but you never harmed them to deserve pain in return.

It’s time to look out for yourself because this whole time, you’ve been the one fighting for the relationship and they have done nothing. They’ve decided to walk away instead of fixing what you had together. They didn’t love you; they were just comfortable with you. You did not make a mistake to trust that person. We end up being hurt by the ones we love the most, but that’s ok. It’s only another part of life we, unfortunately, have to face.

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