The Hero’s Journey: Zelda Ocarina of Time

  • Date Published: September 21, 2020
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The Hero’s Journey of Link from The Legend of Zelda

For this week’s assignment in Principals of Game design, I’ve been asked to research and write the hero’s journey from my favorite stories. The Legend of Zelda video games will always be my favorite, and I wanted to apply Link’s hero’s journey to this assignment. There are ten (10) key points in the Hero’s Journey.


1. Call to adventure: Navi waking up Link

The Great Deku Tree tells Navi the fairy that malevolent forces are approaching and tells Navi to find the boy without a fairy to begin his journey. Link is asleep on his bed, having nightmares. Navi, the fairy, appears to awaken him, saying,” The Great Deku tree wishes to speak with you.”

hero's journey

2. Supernatural Aid: Navi joins Link on his journey

The first objective that the player is given is Navi, which enables the player to get hints on what to do next.

3. Threshold Guardian(s): The Three Spiritual Stones

To open the Temple of Time and get the Master Sword, Link must find the three Spiritual Stones given to the different races.

Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones

Stand with the Ocarina of Time

And play the Song of Time

hero's journey

4. Threshold (beginning of transformation): Finding the Spiritual Stones

The Spiritual Stone of Forest is given to Link by the Great Deku Tree. The Spiritual Stone of Fire (Goron’s Ruby) is held by the Goron’s, and the Zora has the Spiritual Stone of Water (Zora’s Sapphire). During this time, Link becomes friends with people who will become vital to saving Hyrule when the time comes.

5. Mentor: Rauru

The moment Link leaves the Kokiri Forest; a talking Owl named Kaepora Gaebora speaks to him. Kaepora accompanies Link on his journey giving him advice on where to go next.

6. Helper: Shiek

A man named Shiek helps Adult Link on his journey whenever he gets close to a Temple. Shiek offers Link melodies that he can play to travel to different Temples. Shiek also happens to be Princess Zelda in disguise.

hero's journey

7. Abyss: Death & Rebirth Revelation: Link is revealed his destiny

After collecting the Three Spiritual stones and pulling the Master Sword, Link is locked in the Sacred Realm for seven years. When Link finally wakes up by Rauru, the true form of Kaepora Gaebora. Rauru reveals to Link that he is a Hylian, and his destiny is to become the Hero of Time and save Hyrule.

heros journey

8. Transformation: Seven Sage Medallions

To enter Ganondorf’s castle, floating above a lava pool where Hyrule Castle used to be, Link must defeat a boss in each temple hidden in Hyrule and awaken the Sage inside. With every temple defeated, each Sage adds their powers to Link through the Medallions. Link also grows by gaining new mystical items and tunics.

heros journey

Light Medallion, Forest Medallion, Fire Medallion, Water Medallion, Shadow Medallion, and Spirit Medallion

9. Atonement: Pulling the Master Sword

Having pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal, Link is sent to the Sacred Realm, where he sleeps for seven years. By doing so, Ganon enters the Sacred Realm to steal the Triforce of Power and takes over Hyrule.

To defeat Ganondorf, Link must awaken the six sages hidden in temples across the land of Hyrule.

10. Return (Gift of the Goddess): Link returns to the Past

After defeating Ganon, Princess Zelda plays the Ocarina of Time, and Link is returned to his childhood before Link met Zelda in her courtyard.

Closing Thoughts

I enjoyed analyzing critical moments in one of my favorite videogames. It’s great to reflect on how Zelda’s storytelling is structured, and it allows me to view the game with a new perspective.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest video games. Ocarina of Time happens to be my favorite game in the franchise alongside Link to the Past. I highly recommended anyone to play it if they ever get a chance.


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